Destiny Survey Shows 50% Will Play on PS4, 32% on Xbox One, 10% on Xbox 360 and

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5 million played the beta and are 3 million pre orders and you have people like me who will DL it on day one,my guess it sells around 3.5-4.5 million copys on day one,then by years end with black friday sales and the holidays will boost it up to around 10 million,and that is not including the bundled game with the white PS4,only CoD AW will sell more then Destiny this year.
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Puckswack12 posted...
I'm a little surprised more people aren't getting it for last gen systems.

I might be just because most of my friends that are purchasing this game still only game on 360. It's pointless purchasing this game without friends. I did get to play the 360 version though and was pleasantly surprised. Yea, it sported weaker textures, more jaggies, slightly more pop up but it wasn't that bad at all for a 360 game. Some of the lighting and shadows actually looked really decent for a last gen game too. Game ran really good as well. I honestly thought this game was going to be a complete and utter disaster on the 360 but Bungie did a pretty good job on handling it, I don't think another company could have pulled it off as well as they did on this dated hardware.

It's basically just a graphical downgrade. Still looks "decent" but yea, the PS4 and One versions do look significantly better, obviously.
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That is a terrible sample size.
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Jedi454 posted...
I've got 99 problems, but Destiny sales ain't one.

Yes you have many MANY problems....
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It's that close?

Cool I guess.
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Seriously though the poll of the day here is already 10 times the sample size and thanks to the crazy skewed demographic make up of Gamefaqs this same poll would go way differently if done here.

This poll was also done on Neogaf and probably skewed out last gen users a bunch.
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quincy2000a posted...
Destiny Survey Shows 50% Will Play on PS4, 32% on Xbox One, 10% on Xbox 360 and 6% on PS3

This survey BLOWS dude. Everyone knows shooters are best played on Xbox. Only Xbox offers that extreme feeling of greatness. The triggers on the Xbox One's controller are far superior to the PS4's for fast action shooting!
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crucial posted...
Sounds about right,game will go onto sell 10 million copys by years end and could see PS4 with around 5 million of those,X1 around 3 million and the rest on 360/PS3,looks like MS will get 42% of the sales and Sony will get 58%,sounds just about right.

Lol at 10 million sold by the end of the year. Not everyone is as hyped as you bro.
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Seems reasonable.
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So, i never go to this Dualshockers website, but based on the name I can only assume that most of their readers are PS fanboys. That and I also assume the website as a whole is Sony biased? Am i wrong?
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