Metro Redux or Destiny having some second thoughts on Destiny after the beta

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cheezedadada posted...
All I can say is that the Metro series kicks ass. Anyone who is a fan of single player, story-driven and atmospheric FPS games should def check it out. You said you have more of a PvP preference, but the change of pace could definitely be nice.

Yea I love PvP, but my launch games I got with the X1 was BF4, AC4, and now have Titanfall. ACIV is a great break from BF4 and Titanfall but sadly it's not my favorite genre which is the FPS genre. Thankfully Metro just seems right at home for me.
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Metro. Two games for less than Destiny, seems like an easy choice.
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both metro games are around 10hours each plus another 6-8hours in dlc. If you like atmospheric shooters then this is a good one.
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