I think for the next 6-7 years, there'll be a lot of HD remasters

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SculptorOvFlesh posted...
Was well played by Sony. But the Value just isn't there for me. When you take it Side by side with MCC. I mean, 4 games for $60 or 1? the Halo 2 Remaster ALONE could have sold for $60. Like i said, for me, has to be the right Remasters.

Agree that four games for $60 is better than one for $50. But there is room for both of these in the market, as evidenced by sales for TLOU, and eventual sales of MCC. Naughty Dog had built-in value and clout, from the insane number of GOTY awards, deserved or not. Perception = reality in most cases. Former 360 owners saw a (perceived) fantastic game for $50, one they had never experienced before, but heard tons about. Sales suggest that most of them were willing to lay down the cash.
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Just like last gen?
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