Any reason to get an Xbox One over the PS4?

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1 year ago#1
Someone tried to convince me to get one, but I just can't see a reason to buy an Xbox One. I mean, it has Dead Rising 3 (check), and will have Halo 5 and eventually Gears of War, but eh. It's kind of inferior hardware, as the PS4 outclasses it in terms of power, and I've always been more of a Sony guy, but... it actually a good system to own?
1 year ago#2
Microsoft's ecosystem.

/end topic.
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1 year ago#3
Halo 2 Remaster is all anyone needs.
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1 year ago#4
Forza for me.
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1 year ago#5
Just buy all the consoles, save yourself some dilemmas in the long run.

I can't see how this has to always be a "my team versus your team" thing; just be a gamer, and game.
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1 year ago#7

Unless you have an unhealthy attachment to what little first party titles Microsoft can come up with.
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1 year ago#8
I got an xbox one over PS4 simply because all my friends have Xbox Ones and we play a LOT of EA's NHL over the winter months. There's no use for me getting a PS4 when I have no one to play with. Plus, I've always preferred the Xbox controller. The new Dual Shock is better on the PS4 but the Xbox controller just fits like a glove for me.

I might get a PS4 next fall. We'll see. Depends if they release something that makes me completely change my mind..

Also, the multiplatform games are not THAT much weaker. Yes, the PS4 versions of multi platform games are better but not that much better. Most people are acting like the PS4 makes the Xbox One look like an N64 in comparison and it's just not the case. While playing Battlefield I couldn't even tell the difference between the two until I seen an online video showcasing the differences. Seemed like the PS4 has marginally better AA and some mild shade differences. Nothing that would make the Xbox One version look like a turd in comparison. It's blown out of proportion..
1 year ago#9
IzuZkb posted...
* Less Powerful than PS4
* Gold is more expensive than Plus, and you get less content from it compared to Plus
* Xbone's games recently are going multiplatform, examples including Ryse and Dead Rising. Yet PS4 games are staying exclusive, the only way to play Infamous:SS,Uncharted 4, The Order:1886,etc. is to own a PS4.
* Xbone's multiplatform games are weaker. Examples are Tomb Raider,Watch Dogs,Battlefield,etc.

Eh can't think of reason why'd you want to buy it over a PS4. :/ I wouldn't be surprised if Halo,Gears,etc. starting becoming multiplatform just like DR and Ryse at the rate Microsoft is going.

yeah at the rate MS is going which is better than their previous console.
1 year ago#10
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