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will there be single player games on X1 that you won't be able to play in futurereptileegg410/31 4:02PM
Should I get GTAV on Xbox One or PS4
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_SolidGear_2710/31 4:00PM
If i put my gt on friends console can he play my digitals with being signedsammogard310/31 3:58PM
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Looking for XB1 friends with voice chat for many upcoming games!Harker409110/31 3:43PM
An idea I had to help sell the xbone in Japan.
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OpheliaAdenade1810/31 3:36PM
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Smaller, cheaper, cooler Xbox One processor in development
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quincy2000a1310/31 3:21PM
Do sales matter? UBI finance report: PS4 dominates xbox one platform sales
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Ryan-064910/31 3:05PM
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. PS4=1080p, Xbox One=900p
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SnoicFactor18910/31 3:04PM
is there any reason why Call of Duty collections won't happen?
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reptileegg1610/31 3:02PM
Games that are the worst offenders of RNG?ExoticCharm910/31 2:53PM
a valid video on why destiny is a colossal **** up of a game
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BIIGDIIRTY1510/31 2:49PM
Evolve Codesslyman19510/31 2:48PM
I have been classically conditioned to think about COD when I taste Doritos...MotionMan25610/31 2:19PM
Free Evolve Alpha Codezeroknivez110/31 2:13PM
I have a HUGE feeling the Xbox One will sell 1 million units this November and
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ChevelIe2110/31 2:09PM
Microsoft account locked....greattttt!
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kbxb12610/31 2:01PM
Why won't Microsoft hire this guy?
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known2FAIL1110/31 1:45PM