Fastest selling game this gen is 1.5mil in 24 hours, guess what it is. Does MCC

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I wouldn't say Halo is bigger than TLOU, I mean the last Halo game that sold more than TLOU was Halo 3, since then Halo games sales have declined quite a bit.

The last Halo game to sell more than TLoU is the last Halo game. Halo 4.

The Last Of Us was over 7 million before the remaster and it will be topping charts for a while. It will surpass Halo 4 in lifetime sales by the end of the holidays. And that is new IP vs the 5th major title in franchise.

Also 95 metascore vs an 87 for Halo 4.
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well.....i wouldnt count this to mean TLOU is any good. the new COD is going to blow that number out of the water and that series is as played out as getting road h***
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