HAHAHAHAHAHa Rise of the Tomb Raider IS AN XBOX Exclusive hahaha

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1 year ago#261
TC, you're only laughing because you'll be playing it first. Will you laugh when it's on other consoles? Because it probably will be.

If not, then MS did a great thing for their console by nailing down a true exclusive for it. It makes sense for them to pursue a strong software portfolio, just like how Nintendo is trying to do (Bayo 2, Devil's Third).

I'm not 100% sure that this game is more than a timed exclusive.
1 year ago#262
I suggest that everyone just put fanboys/trolls on ignore, doesn't matter what conse they're on. Laylow, zerooooo, Jedi, legend, people like them. They just bring hatred. We should attack each other. We're not different, we just prefer different systems... I don't understand all of this hatred. It's like children showing off a toy another kid can't afford.
1 year ago#263
Ignore icehusky as well
1 year ago#264
lol it's a timed exclusive

xboners getting excited over nothing
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1 year ago#265
I will get the PS4 version when they release the definitive or GOTY edition a few months later.

They're probably making the PS4 and PC version along the Xbox One version. I bet when the Xbox One version goes gold, the PS4 and PC version will even be finished as well and waiting to release.
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1 year ago#266
Eleckzar posted...
Won't be that much of a system seller....

Imagine if Xbox got Fallout 4, or the next Elder Scrolls as exclusive.

Why take away such a great game from people. I'm a fallout fan and I want the series to do as well as possible, and want the game in as many peoples hands as possible. I actually think if they made fallout exclusive, I'd buy it, play the crap out of it, then sell my xbox and never support Microsoft again.
1 year ago#267
And when their sales fails to meet their expected target,PS4 and PC version comes out :p
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1 year ago#268
Setzera posted...
night_drifter05 posted...
Setzera posted...
This is definitely a smart move by MS, I may not be a Tomb Raider or Microsoft fan even in the slightest, but from a business standpoint, they needed it.

Not really, Tomb Raider isn't a console seller anymore. Nobody even bought the PS3/360 version's of the last game. If this isn't a timed exclusive I don't think we'll see another Tomb Raider after this due to the lack of sales by alienating most of the gaming community. To me, it's potentially 2 reasoning's behind this. Microsoft know's the Xbox One is in major trouble and need's all the help so they are throwing money at anyone that will take it or the developers behind Rise of the Tomb Raider are afraid of competing against Uncharted 4. I think it's the latter personally, which is why I feel this will only be a timed exclusive and will hit PS4 at least after Uncharted hype is gone since Uncharted has been a far better franchise.

It's not a major hit for PS4 owner's though since they are still getting Uncharted 4 and better multi-plat game content.

I agree it's not a huge system seller, but MS needed something exclusive, even temporary. They're losing them just as fast as they can get them.

While Microsoft snagging tomb raider is good for xbox, it may not be good for the franchise, but is especially not good for the fans. I hope Microsoft doesn't keep up this trend and start to see them have exclusives come from 1st party studios instead if buying exclusives from 3rd party studios.
1 year ago#269
the real question is which game are you more excited by? silent hill on the ps4 or tomb raider on the xbox one!
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1 year ago#270
Foxx3k posted...
This is a good move for Square Enix. They have trouble hitting their sales goals, so the cash boost from Microsoft should help them get a good return.

Yes, because unconfirmed publishing costs will totally more than make up for the sales of the game proper. Yup. Totally.
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