Wow, microsoft is steamrolling sony, destroyed them in e3 2014 AND gamescon.

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All the Sony fanboys infesting this board are exactly why I jumped ship to the One as my primary and let my PS4 collect dust.

Plus most PS4 games are dead online so yay 10 million sold... really paid off...

"because there's so many fanboys online, I won't play my playstation that I already bought to show them how angry I am"

awesome logic.

Yep, the miracle that is xbox fan logic.
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*Demands Sony and Nintendo release NEW games but is excited to play 10 year old remakes in Halo Collection* -XBOX1 Forums
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10 million says hi

The salt is making me thirsty.

Sorry kid, but you can't cry salt when you're the one getting salty.
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How? m$ barely even announced anything new, quantum break still looks great and we get some console bundles...whooo...
Humanity as a whole gets dumber every time you write sonypony nintendrone or xbot...and weeaboo...I mean, honestly people.
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10 million says hi

The salt is making me thirsty.

Sorry kid, but you can't cry salt when you're the one getting salty.

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If microsoft keeps this momentum, they could have a huge bounceback in sales, and utterly dominate the competion in the end.

Are you kidding me? Of course this will take sales to new levels.

I'm 100% sure gamers are selling their PS4s and buying Xbox Ones AS WE SPEAK.

You can say it's all about Graphics, resolutions, framerate, price, quality, power, bloodborne, no man's sky, kingdom under fire 2, the order1886, better deals on digital games from the home store, etc... but the truth is it's all about the games!

And now we have...

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i didnt know that garbage communities were restricted to just one console.

hell even the PS4 and X1 boards on this very forum contradict such a wild statement.
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Even if they did destroy them. Which E3 I think was pretty even but MS gamescom was really bad. no new announcements other then tomb raider exclusivity. No new games or anything. At least Sony had some new stuff that actually looked good. But regardless even if they did destroy them I don't think at this point they could possibly have a comeback. Sales may increase yes but sales are terrible right nw the one is even being outsold by the 360 pretty much each month. They will more then likely never catch sony.
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I don't understand how people, including Sony, love to brag about sales numbers, but never about their games. Brag about something that is the heart of consoles... The games.

Aint that the truth....

Did you miss their conference they showed games.
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