I feel like today's Gamescom Conferences has really ignited the console war

#1IceHuskyPosted 8/12/2014 5:13:52 PM(edited)
I will admit that the Tomb Raider exclusivity deal was the main contributing factor to getting everyone all riled up, but did anyone else getting the feeling from today's proceedings that the Console War is at full Defcon-5? I think Microsoft is really out to recapture the hearts of gamers with games and nothing but games, especially with articles like this:


Whereas Sony doesn't really know where they want to go with the PS4 console: should it be an indie console? Should it be a PS3 remaster console? Should it be a AAA game console? I still think they are trying to find their market with the PS4: be innovative, but at the same time maintain the hardcore audience while finding a balance between the two; which unfortunately, the PS4 is heavily skewed towards indie games at the moment; which is disappointing a lot of the hardcore PS4 gamers who want high quality developed games.

So what do you think, are we at full scale console war after today? I am just wondering, that's all. :)
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I want to be president so bad I can say it all day doesn't mean it going to happen hard work get you where you need to be in life.
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The market for the PS4 as it stands is "people who can't afford a gaming PC". They'll also get the niche Japanese games (being as the One hasn't even been released in Japan yet). They will not be BUYING any exclusives. They'll have plenty given to them as long as they have twice the install base of the One, but when/if that changes, honestly, they're not going to be in a particularly good position.
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The PS4 is a 360 2.0,they copied MS and it worked,it's the dudebro console now while MS just wants to pump out exclusives on a massive level which is the opposite of last gen,in the end the gamer's will win,Sony is to busy looking at sales charts and pumping out Indies to worry about the gamer,look at the Wii it sold the most last gen and had the worst line up by far last gen,I expect MS to pump out the most game with in the next few year's.
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It's certainly ignited the dumbass war.
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L96A1BOSS posted...
I want to be president so bad I can say it all day doesn't mean it going to happen hard work get you where you need to be in life.

I agree. I think once Sony stops being so passive and stop using their past successes to drive their consoles on the PS4, the PS4 could be a killer console. As of right now, I feel that they are just sliding by letting anyone who wants to develop for the PS4 develop for it but not really trying to secure the exclusive games that gamers want to play like MS is. Sorry, but completely relying on indie games is not going to cut it, especially when they have a console that can do so much in terms of power. You need big games that the masses want to play. Microsoft seems to be trying to fight and claw their way back after the last couple of year's negative reception towards the Xbox One, despite the success of the Xbox 360 last generation. They could take the easy route, but nope; they are showing more passion and heart of making the Xbox One where gamers want to play much more than Sony is. That's for sure.

Once Sony gets the PS4 going and MS gets their games out, gamers are going to be in for a real treat this generation. :)
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and Yes Im starting to feel like Sony is coasting on MS stupidity, and Im not sure thats a viable long term strategy, its not that the ps4 is better than the xbox one, its that the xbox one is worse than the ps4... and some people might not see the distinction but its one I see very clearly and its not a great place for sony to bed.

look at the past

MS stupid DRM, its irrelevant MS retracted it, it made them look bad and sony played it perfect
Sony No stupid DRM

MS Stupid online requirements with gold
Sony, better value and adds stupid online requirement after MS has taken all the heat, again Sony perfectly played MS's problems

This is a viable strategy to get you to this point but at some point they need a clear message and perception of the console... That also being said, its much easier for Sony to pick up JRPG's as exclusives without doing anything at all, ie Tales of series, and Disgaea series,etc

I think this is shaping up as the weakest console generation ever.