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Microsoft Stores hosting special Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare event this Sundaquincy2000a110/31 11:57PM
Can I trade 2 xbox360's in for 200 dollars off?TheSteelPhoenix410/31 11:44PM
For game sharing how many gamer tags can you have set to your xbox as their homeuniquebadger310/31 11:42PM
Xbox One has 103 games so far.
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OhhhSnakes2210/31 11:40PM
Are you celebrating Halloween or playing your Xbox One tonight? (Poll)
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IceHusky4110/31 11:18PM
What TV do you game on?
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QuBix4010/31 11:11PM
Do majority of Americans have small hands? - Controller related question
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YumeOMiru2810/31 11:07PM
Has anyone on here used Plex with ITunes on xbox one?NJQuestCat110/31 10:53PM
if anything, there will be more players on XBL as time goes on.reptileegg210/31 10:47PM
When you buy a digital copy of a game...truesaiyan309510/31 10:32PM
Any GameStop employees.... are they waiting until Sunday..Xuande12410/31 10:21PM
Anyone that has done the MS store trade in.. dumb question.Sanboxmagician210/31 10:19PM
Thinking of getting this system when it's $349, some questionsAmbies_Boy1010/31 10:14PM
just got an xbox one, is the dashboard supposed to be this bad?
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nehukog1110/31 9:51PM
they should do Battlefield Collectionsreptileegg510/31 9:43PM
Any word of an official mlb game coming to Xbox one?
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Cowboy06601610/31 9:37PM
Picked up 4 friends last night for EVOLVE.Illogical_Poet1010/31 9:36PM
How long was the 360 out before it got RPGs?CammyApple910/31 9:33PM
Achievements notifications won't show uptpstyles410/31 9:18PM
Evolve sounds and works great on paper, but not so much in the end
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UnspokenWizard8810/31 9:12PM