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You still need Gold to chat in a party...
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aray48349/20 11:26PM
Swap Mut for HutKryingKetchup19/20 11:07PM
Anyone else on the fence about Shadow of Mordor?
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Brandy1977199/20 10:51PM
What we know about Xbox Live's Cloudgine, the key to online domination.Talk2DaHand59/20 10:42PM
So even less reason to get an X1 since I might be able to stream my games to PC
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MrXmedia339/20 10:36PM
When are the next CoD and FIFA gameshivebent4life49/20 10:16PM
Which Forza game series do you like? Forza Motorsport or Forza Horizon? (Poll)
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ghstbstr159/20 10:06PM
Dark Dreams Don't Die Has Been Getting Good ReviewsRogueStatus2899/20 9:49PM
EA Access and Wal-Mart money cards (Closed)AbstraktProfSC289/20 9:46PM
D4 already availalbe on the XBL marketplace.
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cheezedadada189/20 9:45PM
Can't get saved games to sync to cloud to play at friends' XboxThirtyThr3359/20 9:10PM
Alan Wake HD Remaster
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UltraPlanet189/20 8:59PM
Any Xbone footage of Evil Within?megadeth111749/20 8:51PM
Wondering if there's any interest in a The Evil Within stream when it releasescrynryan19/20 8:49PM
Seriously if Forza is considered as the best looking then I am selling my Xbone!
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the_real_one639/20 8:36PM
So Destiny doesn't have an offline mode right?That_Damn_Kid29/20 8:24PM
Had a PS4, traded it for Xbox One in March 2014, now traded it for another PS4
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RadicalCastle219/20 7:29PM
what is the voice command to quit the currently active app?ChromaticAngel59/20 7:22PM
Anyone know why Swery makes Xbox games?
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calinks179/20 6:35PM
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The4two119/20 6:25PM