UNSCleric makes a surprise cameo in the live Halo Channel demo at Gamescom 2014.

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MVNeo posted...
All was forgiven when they booted Mattrick's dumb ass out the door. I had hated that guy from the day he was hired and said from the start that he would bring ruin to the Xbox brand.

Sucks being right all the time.

Yeah but Yusef Medhi was the guy going around selling KINECT 2.0 as an "advertisers dream" and he's still running things. Phil Spencer was TV, TV, TV, at the reveal. I don't see Mattrick as the entire problem when we still have those two guys running the division. They made Don the scapegoat because he misspoke so many times but Albert Penello is still at the top and pulling the strings.

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I love all those guys though. They all worked for Don as well and had to focus on the things he told them to.

Don was the guy who booted Halo from their much-hyped E3 reveal of ODST in 2009 so that he could focus more on Kinect. The guy was CLUELESS and basically held the Xbox team hostage for four years.
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