Here's the latest weekly hardware sales

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2 years ago#91
OMG X1 is selling like a last gen console.
2 years ago#92
2 years ago#93
I like how the 3DS is beating the One in America and the last gen PS3 is beating the One in Europe. Nice job Microsoft, you have shown the world that you are at best a 2 trick pony..
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2 years ago#94
RCW29 posted...
InjusticeReborn posted...
MetroidFan9999 posted...
God damn....mayhem if Japanese PS4 sales pick up in the future.

Hold on, I thought that the PS4 was going to DESTORY!!! the Xbox One in sales as soon as the PS4 released in Japan.

Are we not going along with this any more?

PS4 is "DESTROY!!!"ing Xbox One NOW without high Japan sales. A lot of people thought PS4 would do better in Japan than it has been, but that's because they have no games they want out right now. Once the Japanese games start coming out, the sales will increase (though not by a huge amount as they usually prefer mobile gaming. But remote play may be a large factor in them going PS4 when the games come out) and it will be a PS4 worldwide massacre of Xbox one, worse than it already is.

Wasn't my point.

Some people like to bring forward "I thought Kinect-less bundles will shift Xbox One's!" to poke fun at said whacky claims a few months back (for however sparse they were). I'm just highlighting whacky claims of another sort (thanks to our good friend Metroid reminding us).

The PS4 was supposed to shift millions more with the help of Japan. As of yet, it hasn't. Why aren't these predictions being commented on also?
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2 years ago#95
You know, vgchartz isn't official.
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