Looking for an invite to the preview program.

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11 months ago#41
If someone would be kind enough to send me a beta invite for the xbox one preview program, it would be much appreciated. & yes I too will gladly pay it forward and help others once I get in get access.

Xbox One Gametag: HeY iTs JoPo
11 months ago#42
Hey all, I'm looking for an invite. If anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it.


GT: Rochama
11 months ago#43
Can someone also invite me? It would be very appreciated. My gamertag is "I MiniMoney I". Thank You...
11 months ago#44
I think i heard that if you are in the beta and you update the console, you wont be able to party up with friends that dont have the beta. Is this true?
ACNL FC: 1478-3108-8466
11 months ago#45
Hi there. Please could anyone invite me to the Xbox preview programme?
Thank you
My Xbox live ID - kirkz2k
11 months ago#46
I would be eternally grateful for an invite, and would be happy to pay it forward.

Gamertag is IAmSpartachris1

Thanks for the consideration.
11 months ago#47
If anyone could please send me a invite my way? I would greatly appreciate it.

gamertag: J2damuahz
GT: J2damuahz
PSN: J2damuahz
11 months ago#48
Can anyone out there invite me to the preview, please? My gamertag is ininus. Much appreciated.
11 months ago#49
I just sent a friend request Nintendo1989. Thanks for doing this I'll gladly do the same for other people once I get the option.
Proud owner of Xbox 360, Xbox One, 3DS XL (Black/Black) Wii U Deluxe PS Vita, PS3 and a gaming PC
11 months ago#50
If anyone could send me an invite it would be cool. GT: Dylan G 25

I will pay it forward.
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