Next Gen = The New Low Of Gaming, Fanboys Attacking Tomb Raider/Devs/Workers

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I fully agree, it's seriously disappointing this keeps happening, I don't know why it matters so much to some people. I got an Xbox because that is where the franchise's I enjoy most are, but you can bet your ass I'm getting a ps4 when uncharted is released.
I play games for fun, not to belittle people and that's how it should be but never will.
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This is an issue with idiotic fanboys on all consoles, the fact that you seem to be trying to act like the other systems fanboys are the worst just means you're part of the problem.

I promise you, if what happened with Tomb Raider was reversed? This exact same **** storm would still have happened, just by different people.
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Exodus_Prime posted...
That is just the beginning of the bias PS4/Wii U/PC fanboys have. Iím going to paint another truth, and it was something highlighted by another site. Referring to Rise of the Tomb Raider specifically, had Sony come out and announced that it had got a timed exclusive deal I guarantee you, without one shred of doubt, that the large majority would have been praising Sony and their genius. I initially thought that this was because there are far more PS4 owners out there right now, but itís something more. It really isnít a vocal minority anymore. Amid the petitions, the constant hate speech directed at Microsoft, the level of insecurity that Sony fans the moment you criticise anything PS4 related Ė itís on another level to the Xbox One camp. Iíve written pieces criticising both Microsoft and Sony, but by far the latter receives harsher feedback. More than that, what is most damning is that if you just read peopleís comments, they still have the same opinions about Microsoft theyíve had back at the time of the nasty DRM saga. Itís nothing more than a close-minded bias.

The double standard is blatant and goes like this. Anything Sony does, praise it. Anything bad they do, defend it, justify it or sweep it away. But anything Microsoft does, scrutinise it, and anything bad they do, vilify them further. Iím a PS4 fan and honest to God itís making me sick. Whereís the objectivity? Whereís the fairness? Whereís the moment where something like PS Now can just be criticised for being bad value without implying some kind of satanic betrayal to the God Sony? Whereís the acknowledgement of any of the good Microsoft has done, without choking on your own air pockets? It was alright to be totally against Microsoft and the Xbox One when they had those DRM practices going on. But thatís in the past. Itís alright to still be cautious about them, as you should be with any corporate company designed to put itself and its profits first, but to still vilify them proves a baseless bias.

Hereís another thought experiment. If Silent Hills turns out to be a PS4 exclusive, which is looking likely since itís suggested that itís being published by Sony Computer Entertainment, you can bet your happy meal chicken ass that the Sony fanboys will be throwing it in the faces of all Xbox One owners and making a big fuss with some ďkeep your s*** Tomb RaiderĒ comments in for good measure. How hypocritical is that? Itís ridiculous actually. I am convinced that most of the outrage isnít actually by legitimate Tomb Raider fans, who I genuinely feel sorry for since theyíre getting shafted because of Square Enixís failures. Itís just by Sony fanboys who are angered that the Xbox One is getting something. Sure we can feel sorry for the PC gamers out there too, because they didnít do anything either. On that note, I implore you to cease having this immense bias towards Microsoft and allow the console generation to flourish. There are so many games out there that unless youíre a die-hard Tomb Raider fan, you really wonít die without Rise of the Tomb Raider, just like Xbox One fans wonít die without Silent Hills. You can want it, but donít become a brat because youíre not getting it.
That, in not quite a nutshell, is the situation with Sony/Wii U/PC fanboys and their insufferable double standards.

Next gen has been a let down for me personally, but not because of the lack of games (exclusives on both sides) or the lack of must have games, but because of the behavior so called ďgamersĒ take whenever something goes ďuproarĒ over the internet. Cheers itís almost Friday.


Dat Ether...

Seriously though, great topic and you're 100% correct. Gamers are nothing bit spiteful and bitter now, and the grand majority are Sony fanboys.
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There are trolls on all sides, and they make even being a gamer to me disgusting at times, with that being said I actually find my self not wanting to even own a PS4 because I don't want to associate with these people.

And regauardless of what some people say, The Sony fanboy boys are the loudest and worst.

They have the most popular console now and they feel the need to go and be the worst kind of human being possible not only on this board but on the WiiU board as well.

Now when I speak about Sony fanboys, I mean just that, the fanboys, not the guys who just want to sit down and game, ya know real gamers.

That is why I always say that fanboys are not real gamers, they are more worried about who is best, tech specs, lines of pixels and blah blah blah, they only seem happy if they are the best when in reality they win nothing and not important what so ever... they still seem to shout and act like total morons regardless.

If what I said upset you then you should probably take a look at yourself and what you are doing, if you are a gamer no matter what the platform like me you won't be hurt, just saying.

EDIT: Also, after saying my bit, I agree with you TC, figured I would outright say it if it was not obvious xD
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Enclave posted...
This is an issue with idiotic fanboys on all consoles, the fact that you seem to be trying to act like the other systems fanboys are the worst just means you're part of the problem.

I promise you, if what happened with Tomb Raider was reversed? This exact same **** storm would still have happened, just by different people.

I would love to have the power to manipulate things such as this and reverse it.

I have my own idea of what would happen. And though we will never find out for definite, I'd like to bring forward a somewhat common sentence that has been used ever since the announcement at Gamescom, which goes along the lines of: "in the end, it will hurt SE, because the reboot didn't sell as well on Xbox, it just doesn't interest their fanbase".

If Tomb Raider isn't as popular on the Xbox, going by sales comparisons to that of the competition, there wouldn't be as much of an outcry, would there? I mean, most Xbox owners don't care for the franchise, right?
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It's the start of the downhill of gaming,next gen is turning a lot of gamers off,especially casuals which run the industry,very little creativity and high cost's=a crash,it's coming with in the next 5 year's.
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It's good to see that other "gamers" are as disgusted as I am with the way things have played out so far and how being associated with these people drag "all" of us down with them as a community not matter the console of choice. In the end WE are a "gaming" community.

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So who else are people suppose to complain to? Customers are giving their voices to whomever they can.
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I agree that this gen is awful so far, but TC is definitely a huge part of the problem.

I'm not innocent either, but I don't pretend to be above it all and then flip my s*** down the road like Exodus has.
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