The Golf Cub is 1080p on PS4 and 720p on XB1.

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User Info: JohnWall32

2 years ago#1
Developer said they couldn't get the fps they wanted on xb1 with the game running at 1080p.
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User Info: DaMadKing

2 years ago#3
Lazy developer is lazy.

User Info: VoidBeyond

2 years ago#4
Ohhhh nnooooo not The Golf Club, now what will I do?!
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User Info: JohnWall32

2 years ago#5
Also this releases August 19th the article states...I need a golf game...hope this is good.
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User Info: Geist

2 years ago#6
Golf Club, we've devolved into fighting over a game called Golf Club...
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User Info: Exodus_Prime

2 years ago#8
Would anyone like some 1080p Waffles with real life resolution? with some yummy 30FPS syrup coming right at you.

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User Info: zmouse

2 years ago#9
JohnWall32 posted...
Ignoring a few defensive xbots who I clearly baited here with the thread title...this game looks like the golf sim I always wanted.

User Info: LooksLikeRain

2 years ago#10
Just an FYI for everyone:

Devs not getting this game to 1080p != Xbox One not being able to run it at 1080p. It's a golf Sim. There's no reason this couldn't have been 1080p. This ones on the devs.
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