MS quiet on Xbox One July NPD sales as $399 price point fails to impact market

#91KconvPosted 8/15/2014 6:37:25 AM
The problem is that consumers are not that stupid......

They realize a 399 xbox without a kinect costs them more in the long run.... it needs to be 399 with a kinect.
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Looks like Xbox is poised to outsell all of ps4s sold since launch when it drops in China. Ponies gone be salty. That's none of my business though
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StrongBlackVine posted...
TOhasNoRing posted...
Why do you spend more time being a pony on a gaming board you don't have and not play your "next level" playstation? Seems pretty odd.
Reassurance on your purchase...?

You are on a forum too.

He isn't spending his day making topics about console sales in an attempt to upset people.

People like TC really have no life if they get entertainment from this. One day he'll look back and think "I wish I could go back and kick my own ass for being such a loser".
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Kconv posted...
The problem is that consumers are not that stupid......

They realize a 399 xbox without a kinect costs them more in the long run.... it needs to be 399 with a kinect.

I got a Xbox One $320 with Kinect and a game.

I wouldn't mind playing on Xbox One except games there cost more than PS4 games, among other flaws.
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Naughty Dog's "The Last of Us"
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I guess ms is quiet about the sales lately because the pr ran out of things to spin. And here i was really excited to see what's the next outlandish thing they were gonna say.
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Haha, all these xbronies are so bitter, whenever someone from the PS, PC or Nintendo boards say something negative about their beloved xbone and their nipples go jetpacking.

Always so defensive... Wear some pants and learn how to laugh at yourselves once-in-a-while. Being salty and bitter at the same time, you guys are turning out to be a seaweed special.
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liquidblue4 posted...

Not really accurate.
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trenken posted...
Take a look at the PS4 release list for the rest of the this year and you will understand why. Its awful, with LBP being the only exclusive of note, while MS has Sunset Overdrive and... um... 4 HALO games!

Da salty ponies like to talk about sales, while we talk about all the great games were getting. Yet they fail to realize that the X1s price was only recently dropped, and we havent made it to the important months yet. If you outsell a console in the pathetic summer months of gaming, it isnt exactly a huge game changing win. But when you have no games of note really going on, what else can they hang on to?

Cant wait for this fall for sunset and halo, and next year plenty of other games not found on PS4 such as Tomb Raider. Good time to be a xbox fan.

lol could you make any less sense? I don't know, I don't think it's possible.

You throw a tantrum for others talking about sales, then proceed to illogically justify the Xbox One's poor sales. Oh oh, it's the crappy summer months, just wait until the winter months! Yet... the summer months haven't slowed PS4 sales down, so what does that tell you about what they'll be like during the winter months?

And you can use fanboy delusions to propagate the myth that PS4 has no games (I believe many Xbox fans did the same to PS3 last generation, and look how that turned out), but those never affect reality, and the reality is the PS4 has a veritable list of great upcoming games, all the while selling exponentially higher than the Xbox One.

You really don't want those winter months to come like you think you do, if these current sales cause you distress, because I promise you it's going to be a bloodbath come the winter months.