So is Destiny suppose to be like a Halo 4.5?

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Yeah Bungie developed it, creators of Halo on 360, difference is, they prefer the PlayStation owners more than Xbox owners in this game.

Lol, prefer. I love when da salty ponies just make stuff up.

Hate to upset you, but the same game is on the x1. Woops!

That's right, fellow X-Men!

My favorite part of your post was how un-salty you sounded! As a matter of fact you sound sweet.

You're making PS fans look bad, in case you didn't know, everyone knows that you're a PS fanboy with a "MicrosoftLover" username due to your obvious posts...

Whoa! I see we have a tinfoil hat over here.
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Destiny is what HALO wishes it would be.
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