The Witcher 3 Collector's Edition getting exclusive physical content on Xbox One

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darkness1018 posted...

it's not Namco/Bandai it's WB games.

Thanks. I guess the article had the wrong info? Like I said, I'm getting the PC version of this, so I really haven't followed who is publishing for whom outside of that.

The Xbox One version of The Witcher 3 Collector's Edition is to receive additional physical content unavailable in the PS4 or PC versions, Bandai Namco has announced.

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so the Xbox one version is going to play better, AND have better physical content? awesome
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I'm a sucker for cloth maps, sold.

Thank you CD Projekt Red and Microsoft! Great stuff.
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If its extra goodes. Aboslutely no problem with that.
When it becomes in-game content is when i start disliking moneybag deals.
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That's actually surprising. I bet part of the PC-gaming fanbase will be upset.

As someone who is getting it on PC, I'm personally not upset. I do think these are pretty cool add-ins for the people who get it for the XB1. Most PC purchases will likely be digital. I haven't looked at what Steam buyers are getting, since I'm getting the game directly from GOG, but they've included a slew of bonus non-game items (Avatars, artwork, the soundtrack, wallpapers, videos, etc) already.

But it's nice that people who are buying a physical copy get some interesting collector items along with it as well. I guess Namco/Bandai is publishing the game for the XB1 platform? If MS arranged something with them to get an exclusive physical bonus for their buyers, that's totally fair.

Same here dude, it's good to see people get it physically, but I'll get it digitally for cheaper off