So i finally bought an Xbox One, here i come ultimate gaming experience!

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2 years ago#21
Shill topic.
2 years ago#22
Draconian-White posted...
Satire is all the rage these days, neat.

Bah, I'll play along. Don't forget about fantasy football, assuming you're into that (I've been involved with that for the last 15+ years). I genuinely love fantasy sports (especially the NFL), and wagers every year.

"And the most interesting of the Xbox One’s new offerings might be DirectTV’s new take on its Red Zone, which is a channel that shows when teams are about to score. This new thing is Fantasy Zone, and it follows when fantasy-relevant players are in potential scoring situations.

“They are [whipping] around doping live look-ins. Instead of focusing on the score, they focus on fantasy,” Jurenka said, “… tracking more closely what’s going on in the fantasy world and bringing that front-and-center.”

Drac, I agree with you on most things, and I know I am in the minority here, but fantasy sports are ruining sports altogether. Especially the NFL. There is now such a focus on constantly scoring to keep the viewers attention that defenses are being penalized for the most asinine stuff. A tightend for the Arizona Cardinals ran right into Chad Greenway, a linebacker, and Greenway was charged with the penalty. Ridiculous stuff. Soon defensive players will be penalized for looking at receivers wrong.
2 years ago#23
How do people not realize this is satire against the xb1?
2 years ago#24
ultimate gaming experience my crazy ass.
2 years ago#25
SoftAssassin posted...
PominAus, you should feel foolish because puffnbillys420 wrote install NOT. download. Installing a game doesn't require an Internet connection at all. Reading comprehension = something you still have to learn.

Thanks captain obvious, I'm well aware of that. It seems your reading comprehension needs work...

PominAus posted...
puffnbillys420 posted...
You gonna have to wait a couple days for a game to install before you can play on it though so try not to get too excited

Exaggerate much? Too many Billys? If you bought all your games digitally and downloaded them with a dial up connection in the middle of the Australian outback you might have had a point. Your response makes you look like a troll... A bad one at that.
2 years ago#26
It's like taking a child to a Play World of some sort. They entertain themselves.
Soon to be PlayStation 4 owner.
"So you like the inferior console" - Izanaml
2 years ago#27
XBoneing up in here
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  3. So i finally bought an Xbox One, here i come ultimate gaming experience!

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