Which will be/has been the best X1 bundle so far?

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User Info: jimm120

2 years ago#1
Which Bundle will be the best bundle considering what it brings? - Results (45 votes)
Titanfall Bundle! Titanfall, Kinect, $450
15.56% (7 votes)
Sunset Bundle! Sunset Overdrive, While color, no kinect, $400
28.89% (13 votes)
COD:AW Bundle! CodAW, green/brown color, 1TB HDD, no kinect, $500
28.89% (13 votes)
Halo Bundle for Halo Collections...its real....its coming.....maybe....
26.67% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
MS has offered 1 big bundle so far and has now announced 2 more bundles coming.

Which bundle do you think is the best (thinking of when the promotions launched)?

TitanFall Bundle: X1, Kinect, Titanfall at release for $450

Sunset Overdrive Bundle: X1, No Kinect, Sunset Overdrive at release, White model for $400

CODAW Bundle: X1, No Kinect, CODAW at release, "advanced" model look, 1 TB HDD for $500

They all seem to offer something good.

-All offered/will offer the game at its launch.
-Titanfall bundle had the Kinect.
-CODAW has a special color scheme and 1TB HDD...but at $500 and no Kinect.
-Sunset Overdrive has a special color scheme (I like it) and no Kinect.

Which do you think was/will be the best bundle???

BTW, I don't think there will be a Halo bundle until Halo 5.
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User Info: Bryant187

2 years ago#2
SO Bundle but if they do release a Halo one, it'll switch to that.
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User Info: Apex-Player

2 years ago#3
Best value TitanFall
Best look Call of Duty
Best game Sunset Overdrive

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User Info: jimm120

2 years ago#4
I still haven't gotten an X1, but if by the time Gears comes out I can get it for $350 with Kinect and a game (and I'm digging that White model for Sunset Overdrive), then I'd be sittin' pretty
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

2 years ago#5
Since I'd want white and 1TB and Kinect in the same bundle, none of them really work for me.

User Info: Hucast9

2 years ago#6
That Titalfall bundle was a really good value. You get the Kinect, a game, and the system for $450. I kinda wish I had gotten in on that one, but I declined. I really think that Microsoft should drop the $500 asking price nomatter what's included in the bundle. I'm pretty sure that the sweet spot for Xbox One is the $399 range.

User Info: pwnater777

2 years ago#7
Advanced Warfare bundle is what truly sold me on the console. Pre-ordered it the night it was announced.
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User Info: phineasfool

2 years ago#8
Where did the Titanfall bundle launch for $450? At launch it was $500 everywhere I saw.

Also there is the Madden bundle and for Europe the Fifa bundle.
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User Info: spacejamjordanz

2 years ago#9
Titanfall bundle was $399 w/Kinect for a limited time on the MS Store. So my vote would go to that.
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User Info: DrRockso87

2 years ago#10
Technically the Titanfall bundle is best because it's $50 off the original console with a free game so it's really $390 (Kinect included).

However, I voted Sunset Overdrive bundle because that game looks awesome and much better than Titanfall in my opinion (I've played Titanfall and it's alright; not bad, not great, just okay; not really for me).
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