What does COD being top board on XBONE say about the demographic?

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Given that Call of Duty is the PS4's best selling game, I think your logic is crap.

It's the attach rate that matters and I don't need numbers to tell us there is a higher ratio of X1 owners who bought CoD, I think your logic is just as crap.

So ghosts sold more than infamous and 1 out of 5 ps4 owners never owned a console before meaning ps4 is for casuals and kids? No wonder sony is going after the wii audience.

Feel free to 180 now kid.
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Serious question guys, not trying to cause fanboy arguments or anything.

I bet the average age of XBONE owners is 12-13 whereass I bet it's late teens for PS4 owners. Not saying it's a bad thing, just that the ps4 is more 'grown up'

This explains why MS wanted peggle 2 and plants vs zombies well Sony wanted Resogun and Outlast,
at the start of this generation.

And why MS went the Sunset Overdrive route compared to Sony and Bloodborne.

You might be on to something.

this plus look at the PS4 board and this board. The juvenile middle school attitude rules here.

This for example...

Dat Salt
yeahhhhhhhhh babyyyyyy sunset overdrive

childish name calling and wanting nickmanes. Quite sad and embarrassing really. If you heard someone talking like that what would you think of the age?