Should I return my ps4 system for a madden 2015 xbox one bundle system?

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Why would you do that? Just go buy Madden when it comes.
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If you like sales, keep the ps4. If you like games, get the x1. Should have been clear between e3 and gamescom.


Yep, better exchange for the X1 so you can get the system seller Screamride and Rise of the...oh wait.
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TC the real question is this: Should you be allowed to make such decisions if you think that you need the feedback of a bunch of random people on the internet? If you find that you aren't enjoying your ps4 and think you would be happier getting a madden bundle, then do it. Buy the system that is going to suit YOUR needs and wants, not everyone else's, because in the end its your money. (Yes, I realize the irony of this random person giving you their opinion.)
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I look at the future game line up and The Xbox one seems to have better games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection,Sunset Overdrive (Day One Edition),Halo 5,and Forza Horizon 2 (Day One Edition)

If those are the only series of games you are interested in go for. Personally sony has more games I am excited about in the near future. Especially the beginning of 2015. Bloodborne and order both look amazing. Im also stoked for little big planet, tearaway. Drive club looks fantastic Im not a big racing game fan but if I was I think that game would be awesome. But really ultimately its up to you. Look at last gen as well and see which one had more exclusives you liked. Personally my biggest fear for MS is they are going to stop making new ips and just stick with the same series over and over and 3rd party support. They have done it the last 2 gens and they are already showing signs of it by making black tusk cancel their game for gears.