The hell with July, Microsoft is going to win the August NPD!

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If you think this is the only alt this guy uses you`re all really naive. These obsessed children and trolls probably have 4 or 5 names they post under on a daily basis.
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MrImpatient35 posted...
people aren't tired of NPD posts yet? lol.

Look who's posting it though. Always the same people.
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September to December ares great months for Microsoft to win.
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MicrosoftLover posted...
TOhasNoRing posted...
These reverse troll topics man... give it a rest. You're seriously not funny.

This and...

youngskillz posted...
need more subtlety tc, an get another alt.


This board deserves a better class of troll...

Lol 9/10

Your post actually made so much sense I din't check your account name till someone pointed it out.
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Last madden game sold better on the PS4, so I don't know.
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Nah, It won't happen this month. I think the PS4 sales will slow down and the Xbox One will start to gain ground, especially when huge blockbusters start appearing but I think it's gonna be a while. I'm hoping over the christmas months they'll start picking up pace but only time will tell..