TimeSplitters Rewind To Deal Final Blow To Xbox One

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11 months ago#81
It won't have that charm it had 2 generations ago. It'll be too "modernized".
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11 months ago#82
I really liked Timesplitters 2, although that was the only title I played in the series. I'd certainly buy it if it was re-released. That game had a kickin soundtrack as well.
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11 months ago#83
lol arent "journalists" supposed to be unbiased? This guy is bending over for PS4 so hard

Anyways, cool. I was a huge fan of TS. I might just get this on PC
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11 months ago#84
Tenzhi posted...
Aw, man. I was thinking Timekillers. That would have been far more interesting.

used to love that arcade game.
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11 months ago#85
KakkaKarrotKake posted...
Oh cool, I didn't know Timesplitters 3 was released in 2008.

What I want to know is how you got away with the name KKK for so long
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11 months ago#86
TRC-G00SE posted...
So if a game comes out for xbox one and PC it's not exclusive, but if a game comes out for ps4 and PC it is a exclusive?

Yup! that's how it works around there parts.

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11 months ago#87
just like killzone was the "halo-killer" ? id be surprised if timesplitters 4 was able to out sell killzone which is basically grunt poop.
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11 months ago#88
Huh I guess the mods actually do do their job..........
11 months ago#89
I thought this Blinx crap was deleted..
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11 months ago#90
How many "final blows" is this now? The fan girls keep using those buzz words, but I've yet to see any coffin nails as promised.
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