Anyone have a preview program invite?

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2 years ago#1
I have been a xbox live member for 9 yrs and a gamefaqs member for 10. I love this site. If anyone would be nice enough to send me a invite I would greatly appreciate it. I would do the same for others If I do get one.

My gamertag is J2damuahz. Thanks.
GT: J2damuahz
PSN: J2damuahz
2 years ago#2
Same here would luv to get in on the preview program xbox member for 10 year. Thanks for any help. Gamer tag scoot0428. Also send for game invite look for new team on titanfall.
2 years ago#3
If anyone has a spare Preview Program invite, i'd appreciate an invite. :) Cheers guys

2 years ago#4
Hi all.
If anyone could invite to the preview program that would be ace and much appreciated.
Gamertag is kirkz2k

2 years ago#5
I've been invited by around 6 or 7 people & I'm still not in it, and it's been a week & a half or more, so good luck trying to get in lol
PSN (PS4):Twiztidfreak6t9 GT(Xbox One):Same as PSN.
2 years ago#6
please send me an invite - gt- SuRReal IPAIRTy - or just type this in the gt box. - surreal ipairty
2 years ago#7
Dear fellow boardmembers!
Please invite me GT ppaavvvveell, because without preview i'm playing Diablo ros in russian instead of polish! I don't know cyrilic but i'm in 3 act so far :)

Any help will be much appreciated!
2 years ago#8
I would like an invite to the preview is someone can help.

GT: Dragon King
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