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User Info: whokilledkaji

2 years ago#1
I am an American living in Japan and the Xbox One is finally coming out here on September 4h. I have a xbox 360 with a Japanese and American Live account and never had any problems. I was thinking about getting Xbox One because the launch games here are really good, but I have some questions...

If I activate the system here, can I eventually bring it back to the US? It will work ok?

Most reports say that hard copy American game discs will work, but I can't download games with my us live account? Is that really true? I've always done that before.

Also, if I bought prepaid cards for Live or MS points they wouldn't work here even if I was logged into my American account?

Thanks! I just want to make sure that a Japanese system would work well whether in America or Japan since I move back and forth a lot... Any help would be appreciated!

User Info: MusuoJoe

2 years ago#2
I really don't know myself. Polite bump..
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User Info: mcnichoj

2 years ago#3
Console is region free, no problem with games. With buying digital on the system I think any credit card will work, I haven't tried it myself but I remember a bunch of Canadians, UK and other region users had no problem buying a America only digital title by using the built in region switcher. Multiple accounts are no longer needed on the Xbox One.
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User Info: whokilledkaji

2 years ago#4
Oh! It has a region switcher? That's good news! I hardly ever used my American account on my 360 except to download a few games and demos.

What I really want to do is to buy a Japanese Xbox One, and use my main account in Japan for a while and then in America when I go back. I was worried that a Japanese system (even if being used in America) wouldn't be able to buy DLC, downloadable games, point cards and LIVE prepaid cards from America.

User Info: lokinineteen

2 years ago#5
Im in the UK and have bought a $50 gift card to buy BF4 premium on sale the other week and had no problems. Just switch the consoles region, download the game and switch back, I then downloaded the dlcs for the game from the consoles original UK region.

On Tuesday Ill be doing the same Diablo 3 unless I can pick it up in Tescos for around 40 as a $50 card cost me just over 30 last time I did it.
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