Is 1 month Xbox Live worth anything to anyone?

#11ghstbstr(Topic Creator)Posted 8/17/2014 10:46:19 PM
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#13HoundourPosted 8/18/2014 12:54:44 AM
Bing Rewards. People farm them.
#14MOTOLIFE27Posted 8/20/2014 6:11:30 PM
I need a 1 month xbox live gold membership code as I am a kid and can't afford to buy them. Really want the get dishonored and would love a month xbox live gold membership. I don't wanna sound greedy or something but I desperately need the gold membership. If someone is willing to be kind but doesn't have a month code, I would gladly accept any other xbox live gold membership codes.
Thanks guys! Pm me if you want to donate the codes to me..
#15Sith JediPosted 8/20/2014 6:19:51 PM
It's worth about tree fiddy.
#16zmousePosted 8/20/2014 6:24:00 PM(edited)
Houndour posted...
Bing Rewards. People farm them.

Only good thing about bing.

Protip: use pogo cheats free search bot.
#17maxnl9Posted 8/23/2014 3:41:46 AM
I would love to get 1 month gold :)
#18BansDontWorkPosted 8/23/2014 4:17:59 AM
Its worth a good trolling on here, that's for sure.
I feast on that control method you call Karma.