Games that actually need a current gen re-master?

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1 year ago#31
lightfighter posted...
Red Dead Redemption

Yes I would definitely get back into those if they ever did a remaster..
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1 year ago#32
1 year ago#33
Donuts_R_Good posted...
the36thchamber posted...


People would always recommend that I play this game but I only made it halfway through before the awful gameplay became unbearable. Then I just looked up the "big plot twist" online.

I'd love to play through the game and learn the story the proper way, but I'd only be able to do it if the gameplay was totally redone. game played just fine.

mike468 posted...

kayoticdreamz posted...
metal arms glitch in the system
Zelda OoT

This. Along with Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and maybe Psi-Ops.

yay another metal arms fan,
1 year ago#34
Jade empire, fable anniversary
1 year ago#35
I think no game from last gen deserves a remaster i would love to see jade empire and Syphon Filter Remastered to todays quality.
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1 year ago#36
Some you could already get definitive editions of; deus ex + shifter/hd mods, Sith Lords with restoration mod (like they will ever fix this on their own), morrowind + overhaul (or Skywind down the road @_@)

FFNY would be nice since there is apparently never going to be another one after icon was awful.

Fable 2 Anniversary is a must, despite being last gen, since it runs like butt and looks close to it too. Hoping it never showing up on pc is just that it's been slated for xb1 too unlike anniversary on 360. Same thing with RDR and Dragon's Dogma; Fable/DD be day 1 rebuys.

Xenoblade should too post X (maybe add-in if they feel crazy like Bayonetta), the Wii did nit do the game it's true justice, and not everyone can run dolphin
1 year ago#37
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1 year ago#38
TheeLeeham posted...

I looked for this reply specifically. Yes please.
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1 year ago#39
No game 'needs' a remaster from any gen....
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1 year ago#40
Shenmue collection would be nice to get hype built for Shenmue 3 (;_;), Skies of Arcadia too.
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