So who here is excited for METRO REDUX next week!?!?!

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Metro on xbox at 900p is going to be awesome! Wait ps4 is 1080p and pc is 4k. Hmmmmmm

900p on XBOX ONE? I guess ill stick with the PS4 version again.

What a surprise we have two trolls have to show up and ruin a good topic.

Trolls or not, but they are correct.
This is what the internet and google are for.

Okay, and my topic had nothing to do with that, so why bring it up? It would be like me going into every single Driveclub topic going on about how Forza Horizon 2 is so much better than Driveclub. It's a complete waste of time. It makes you, him, and the other troll look pathetic.

Sorry. From the response that you left about them I figured that's what you meant, because it is usually about what they said.
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Me. I loved the 1st on 360 & Last Light on PS3. I always felt they were some of the most underrated FPS out. I'm getting Redux for PS4 & can't wait to replay them.
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I have xbox and ps4 so be careful on who you call a troll. It's not my fault the truth hurts you zerooo0
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I have xbox and ps4 so be careful on who you call a troll. It's not my fault the truth hurts you zerooo0

Please nothing could hurt the vault haunter. This topic just has no need for that useless talk. If it was game breaking then yes I would understand completely, but as of what we know now the game works amazingly well. And more important than resolution they both run at 60FPS. Which I would gladly take 60 FPS over 1080p any day.
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zerooo0 900p is related to your topic because it helps people that have both systems pick the better version to play
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But PS4 is 1080p plus 60 fps. Have the best of both worlds
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Or get pc 4k and 60 fps
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I was wondering who the chode smoker would be that would bring up PS4.

Dat reassurance.
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