Been using the Kinect to practice my stroke game, huge benefit

#1necro00Posted 8/17/2014 1:55:38 PM
Been trying new movements out, before I translate them to the bedroom, way easier then setting a tri pod up filming and replaying it, I just watch it in real time, and can make on fly adjustments. I hope MS isnt spying cause they would see a lot lol
#2WarsuhPosted 8/17/2014 1:56:42 PM
NICE! bro
#3HorridhalPosted 8/17/2014 1:57:05 PM
I'm sure you aren't the only one practicing your 'stroking' in front of it.
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#4ThatLaoGuyPosted 8/17/2014 2:38:47 PM
I stroke on my kinect too
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#5necro00(Topic Creator)Posted 8/17/2014 3:06:22 PM
ThatLaoGuy posted...
I stroke on my kinect too

wanna skype?
#6Forget_Me_LovePosted 8/17/2014 3:08:18 PM
10/10 topic
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#7elbarto1Posted 8/17/2014 3:09:51 PM
dat Stroke game
#8RuinerEraserPosted 8/17/2014 3:21:44 PM
My gf loves the kinect...heh.
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#9Mr_StarchPosted 8/17/2014 5:59:37 PM
Hi I'm a child who wandered into the topic...……OMG my eyes
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#10liquidblue4Posted 8/17/2014 6:04:53 PM
Make sure you go into "Kinect settings" and use the heat vision mode. That way you can see how hot you are while doing it.
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