Who will win the Console War?

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9 months ago#61
Legend524 posted...
Jedi454 posted...
dnmt posted...
You've become a lot more chill ever since you dropped the Xbone, Jedi. I think it was poisoning your mind!

It was.

Wow. People are converting now? I wonder if people will choose the forth front of this war....the true winner and the real majority.

The gamers without brand loyalty

I converted to Atheism.
9 months ago#62
Jedi454 posted...
deadmarv posted...
Jedi454 posted...
deadmarv posted...
I just reviewed the results and even with Jedi's biased wording , PS4 is still winning???

I might just throw the xbox1 a sympathy vote.

It's good to see your console of choice is winning the poll, tell your father when he gets home from work. :-]

Wow, was that to imply I'm a child? You've cut me deeply. How can I live on after a stanger insulted me over the internet???


If you weren't a child, i'd be pretty worried that you're still partaking in console warfare =/

I'm not partaking in console warfare, just pointing out that PS4 was winning even though you tried to downplay it.

I'm not going to insult regular xb1 fans for their choice.

Also, why are you answering my posts with insults? Have I insulted you in some way?
4/6/14 = The day I joined the current gaming generation.
9 months ago#63
Jedi454 posted...
Apex-Player posted...
Houndour posted...
PC already won. And it's not even a console. That's saying something.

Yet PC is losing plenty of it's great games to console, not getting many from console and to get better performance from console ports that it does get costs a lot more money on hardware.

Not really a win, but pretending is nice.

The man is unfamiliar with how much PC parts cost these days. The man doesn't understand that games are much cheaper on PC. The man doesn't realise there aren't many exclusives even out on next gen yet. The man hasn't noticed there is a lot of sequels and reiterations, instead of new IPs.

i have realized you and your alt are talking to one another!
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