FEZ 2 is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN: Is Phil Fish the worst persin in the inudustry?

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Can you blame him? His core auidence are little self entitled snot rags like all of you here on Gamefaqs. The majority of gamers are the most unappreciative people on the planet. He made his money off you idiots.

You clearly have no idea who he is.

"Indie Game: The Movie" gave us a very explicit look at the guys who made "Super Meat Boy", "Braid" and "Fez" and wow, at least one of the Meat Boy guys and Braid were stable, but I can't say the same for the other Meat Boy guy and the Fez douche.

Haha you're asking people who create worlds and art to be super PR guys as well? Must be that entitlment you are knee deep in. You create something that sells millions using a computer language and then talk to me about how social you are.

The only right you have is to play the game and either like it or don't.

Entitlement? You're just attacking for no reason.

The guy has some problems and it's obvious. He was getting super pissed and cursing in public because his own demo crashed at PAX for example. Have you even seen the movie?

I know he said something about Japanese developers. I may not even like the stuff like from Nintendo or Square-Enix anymore, but I don't go around bashing them either.

Seen the movie, I love the guy. He has actual emotions. He's not some plastic PR rep for a company with pre programmed answers to questions. The guy slams gamers...big deal? Gamers make death threats to devs every single day. The gaming community is probably the worst group of people to create for.

I'm sorry if the developer of a video game offends you.

I actully kinda agree with this. After that mass effect ending thing and many other events gamers can truly be hell to a dev and REALLY unappreciative and entitled to a point the dev just wants to give the middle finger to gamers and you know what I don't blame the devs.
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Probably in bed with Zoe Quinn, nothing to see here.
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Ehh nothing lost to me cause o never played his game.
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Why do you care what this guy says, thinks or does?
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he's not the worst person in the industry, but I wasn't interested in purchasing that kind of indie game.
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darkdragon_9600 posted...
Probably in bed with Zoe Quinn, nothing to see here.

I think everyone in the games industry has had Burgers and Fries at this point.
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Phil needs to buck up and make the game.

And stop tweeting about Ferguson.
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After playing Fez, I'm okay with this. It had some clever bits, but anything he tried now would necessarily be inferior because he would try to measure up and exceed something that was more genuinely clever on its own terms, and that never, ever works out.
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Hea not the worst at all.
Its close, but derek smart is the worst.
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