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1 year ago#1
Today I received my first Xbox One. After setting it up I've put in Forza 5 disc and encountered error 0x80820002 "Try an Xbox One game, a music CD, or a movie on Blu-Ray or DVD".

After getting this error when reading Titanfall disc I decided to give my Xbox One back to the shop. So now I have my second Xbox One in time of 2 hours.

The second one shows the same error when reading game discs but READS all my Blu-Ray's and all my DVD's...

Did anyone encounter this issue with their Xbone?

Should I get a replacement or look to see whether the game discs are faulty?

Many thanks
1 year ago#2
Did you update the console....
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1 year ago#3
Yes I've performed all the system updates when setting up the whole system... Are there any other updates?
1 year ago#4
Please help!!! :(
1 year ago#5
It could be defective. I remember my ps3 would read games but not movies.
1 year ago#6
I really doubt you got 2 defective systems in a row
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1 year ago#7
Are these new games or used? If the system is fully updated and you have new games, I find it hard to believe two systems in a row are giving disc errors...

You're putting them in the right way, correct? lol
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1 year ago#8
I know it sounds crazy, but did you look at the disc surfaces just in case? If they're pre-owned (or occasionally even when new) they might have something about em that is generating this error. If you know someone with an x1, have them try the disc or swing by your local gamestop (or other gaming store) to have them try the disc out with you.

I know, two faulty discs would be unlikely, but this will give you further info to give to the service rep if you have to call in.

I wish you the best of luck, man. I hope you're up and playing games soon.
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1 year ago#9
All games are brand new :/ but non of them work :(

I literally feel like giving back this system but I swear it can't be defective because it reads everything apart from games...
1 year ago#10
by the way guys just to make sure you put the game disc with the pictures topside right?

I really don't know what to do...
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