Which Console is best for FPS games?

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How about online community? Ps4 has a much larger online community due to more sales.

Do you think this will is be a significant factor and a large enough difference?

Or will Xbox online be populated enough throughout this gen?
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destiny1990 posted...
How about online community? Ps4 has a much larger online community due to more sales.

Do you think this will is be a significant factor and a large enough difference?

Or will Xbox online be populated enough throughout this gen?

The way I see it, an online community of 10 million won't affect my gameplay compared to 6 million; I'll never interact with more than 1% of them ever
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Xbox. Historically, Xboxs biggest exclusive games have always been online multiplayer shooters. Playstation is historically for single player games.
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I play with my son on his X1 and on his 360. I've never noticed any difference with controllers, because with any controller you move sticks and press buttons and the characters moves. It doesn't change the movement no matter where the sticks and buttons are. The stick placement has never bothered me and still doesn't. I do prefer to have a symmetrical controller, but that is only because asymmetric controllers look like eyes sores to me.

Online is about the same now, on the 360 Microsoft certainly had the best online infrastructure, now they are pretty identical. They both go down once or so a month for extended time for most or all users, but all in all they are pretty dang stable. The install time on the PS4 are wicked fast, so that works in their favor.

In summary get whatever platform is going to make you the happiest, even consider PC. It is all the happiness of the gamer themselves. If you like what Microsoft has going on, get the X1. If you like what Sony has going on, get the PS4. If you like PC which I don't have one, but I bout my son a PS4 and a gaming PC for around 1400.00, I think it will end up costing less then the X1 or PS4 in the long run, with paying for live or Ps Plus per year, little things here and there. However, I won't know till the end of this gen.

Just get what makes you happy, bud.
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1: xbox
2: ps4
3: xbox

it's not just halo/gears vs KZ/resistance anymore(barring the fact that gears isn't even remotely FPS).

eg. with SOE at the helm since the hardware can actually support their games this time around, you'll see games like planetside 2 and whatever their new online zombie game is... also, this is on top of day Z which for all intents and purposes is still very fps.
PC hardware doesn't need to match console hardware in price when PC gamers save literal thousands from the software they buy.
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Your preference in FPS games and controls along with the community where your friends may reside.
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Better controller, comparable games, comparable community.
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Xbox and PS seem pretty equivalent.
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PC. Always PC for the FPS genre. You have Quake 3 Arena, which offers very fast paced action with traditional weapons/modes but does everything so well it may be my favorite FPS ever, you have Unreal Tournament 2004 in which every weapon has a creative alternate firing mode while also having emphasis on vehicles in certain gametypes, you have Team Fortress 2 to fill your need of class-based teamplay (very balanced too), and you have Left 4 Dead 2. a zombie game which should always be your main choice for co-op.

Did I mention? Desktop mice are always more accurate than your usual thumbstick (this is why most PC games lack aim assist while most consoles games have it enabled to some degree). The only good FPS game announced on XB1 is Halo, and PS4 currently has nothing for the genre as far as I'm aware. I used to be a console guy myself until I played myself a couple good PC games and gave the platform a chance, now I've realized it kicks the holy shapickles out of xbox.
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Which console is best for FPS games?

MrDragonzord posted...


SunDevil77 posted...
The online infrastructures are virtually the same now, so whichever your friends use is the best option.

And in my opinion, Xbox has better exclusive shooters.

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