Which Console is best for FPS games?

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MrDragonzord posted...
PC. Always PC for the FPS genre.

While I agree with you, pc is not a console so your post was a waste of time.
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MrDragonzord posted...
PC. Always PC for the FPS genre. You have Quake 3 Arena, which offers very fast paced action with traditional weapons/modes but does everything so well it may be my favorite FPS ever, you have Unreal Tournament 2004 in which every weapon has a creative alternate firing mode while also having emphasis on vehicles in certain gametypes, you have Team Fortress 2 to fill your need of class-based teamplay (very balanced too), and you have Left 4 Dead 2. a zombie game which should always be your main choice for co-op.

Did I mention? Desktop mice are always more accurate than your usual thumbstick (this is why most PC games lack aim assist while most consoles games have it enabled to some degree). The only good FPS game announced on XB1 is Halo, and PS4 currently has nothing for the genre as far as I'm aware. I used to be a console guy myself until I played myself a couple good PC games and gave the platform a chance, now I've realized it kicks the holy shapickles out of xbox.

I specifically stated console* in the title.

So many good memories playing Halo 1 & 2 on PC, doom, and other games but I prefer consoles for ease of usability and having one unified platform is easier to deal with.
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1. PC
2. PC
3. PC

holden4ever posted...
While I agree with you, pc is not a console so your post was a waste of time.

Consoles are closer to computers than ever, I don't see why semantical arguments need to exist anymore.
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That's beside the point. Pcs are not consoles and TC was asking about consoles.
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HenryKazuka posted...
Which console is best for FPS games?

MrDragonzord posted...


SunDevil77 posted...
The online infrastructures are virtually the same now, so whichever your friends use is the best option.

And in my opinion, Xbox has better exclusive shooters.


Technically a gaming PC counts as a console, by wikipedia's definition. Anyways, if PC is superior to the usual console with the FPS genre, I'm going to state it regardless. More people need to know the awesomeness of PC. Playing Xbox/PS for shooters is really limit yourself from an epic gaming experience. I should've listened to people long ago, but I was simply too much of an Xbox fanboy. Xbox has Halo, but that's really about it. Even N64 had a larger number of good FPS games.
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PS4 has the superior multiplats, including the superior console version of Destiny.
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BaronVladz posted...
The way I see it, an online community of 10 million won't affect my gameplay compared to 6 million; I'll never interact with more than 1% of them ever

lol you think the Xbox One is at 6m? It's not even up to 5m, as MS proved earlier when they had to retract their statement. Meanwhile, PS4 will be well past 10m now. That announcement was over a week ago!
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The one you like the most.
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PS4 is the best console for everything, but Nintendo exclusives.

Sales of consoles/games, resolutions and framerates prove this. Subjective stuff like which controller you like best or bragging about Azure when the majority of games don't use those servers is Xbone fanboy delusion.
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ThirdPartyVoter posted...
PS4 has the superior multiplats, including the superior console version of Destiny.

Xbone snuck up to 1080p on Destiny. Now we just need to see what was sacrificed to get there...it will come out soon.
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