If you could only get one game this year...

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1 year ago#1
Which one and why?
1 year ago#2
Halo MCC, 4 games for the price of one.
1 year ago#3
Half Life 3.
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1 year ago#4
I am only getting one game this year lol :(

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Atlas Pro Edition)

Edit: Reason Why: First COD I have been truly excited for in years, Plus I have a kid and another on the way, so I can't really spend money on games.
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1 year ago#5
Halo MCC
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1 year ago#6
Halo mcc or wow expansion
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1 year ago#7
Halo mcc
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1 year ago#8
Halo MCC way to tempting , 3 games for the price of 1. Can't pass that up..
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1 year ago#9
I absolutely hated TLoU back when I got it for the PS3. I felt it was boring a dull...TBH I just gave it to my bro.

We all know the PS4 has a slight shortage of games (it does) so I bought the remastered edition because why not?

Anyways I am really loving it this time, I feel like quite the fool for calling it crap last year. It is probably going to be my GOTY. For older consoles it is without question FFIX. That is the best game I have ever played in my life.

As for future releases....not much is peaking my interest on ALL consoles apart from a few odd ones on the Vita.
1 year ago#10
Borderlands the prequel, I can get hundreds of hours out of that game.
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