anyone want a invite to preview dashboard

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2 years ago#11
I have just sent invites to the following people

D Undefeated
2 years ago#12
Hi Tony,

Thank you for sending me an invite, do you know how we accept the invites as I haven't had anything emailed or messages to me as of yet


2 years ago#13
What does it look like? Is it noticably different?
( `\(o),,_/` : o : : :o `-,
2 years ago#14
Was already invited but they never got back to me. GT: Asafffff
thanks in advance
2 years ago#15
GT: MurryEB, would love one, thanks
I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite sig on the Citadel
2 years ago#16
Oh please can you invite me to it :D I'd so appreciate it dude.
PSN: left4bread3 (Main) left4breadFTW (US Alternate Account) - XBL ID: UltimateDespair - NNID: UltimateDespair - Steam ID: UltimateDespair
2 years ago#17
Haven't received anything yet :-(
2 years ago#18
Sure, my gamer tag is in my sig, I'll take as many invited as I can get until they finally accept me lol
PSN (PS4):Twiztidfreak6t9 GT(Xbox One):Same as PSN.
2 years ago#19
I will send the other people a invite tomorrow morning and you don't see anything until you get a invite a email in your box from the Xbox live team saying your in then you accept but once I send the invite it's out of my hands and into Microsoft hands.
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