Diablo III XOne shouldnt have been 1080p but MS forced them to up the resolution

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Shovel_Break posted...

Somebody feed him.

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The people in here saying 40 isn't smooth must be the least tolerant people in the world. Most console games on the 360 run between 30 and 40 frames per second and are completely playable and smooth.


Go here and watch the 30 FPS one. That is COMPLETELY playable, and 40 fps is even smoother. You guys... spoiled as heck.
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Incoming 14 fps
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I've been playing for hours and I have not seen a single frame drop yet.

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This topic just reaks of Pony fanboys. Do you guys ever just play your console? You spend more time defending that system then anything else. It's a shame that Gfaqs can't moderate these forums to keep people in their forums.
A lot of reviews I read have been updated with the patch, and they still said the XO version ran smooth. Ponies stop defending your console and just play the game. You guys continue to beat a dead horse. It's embarrassing to the community of gaming how you guys act.
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