What would it take for Microsoft to sell off the gaming division.

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Steve Ballmer just left Microsoft's Board of Directors.

And this bit.

In a letter to Nadella that was posted on Microsoft’s website, Ballmer wrote that he would “support and encourage boldness by management in my role as a shareholder in any way I can.

Brendan Barnicle, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities LLC, said Ballmer’s exit from the board creates room for Nadella to put more of his stamp on Microsoft.

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They're already preparing the brand for sale with the closing of divisions and laying off thousands of XBOX employees, imo. These are the things you do before a sale to make the offer look more attractive to buyers, you cut operating costs.

The lack of investment in exclusives is apparently part of the plan as well. I look at it as a good thing though. A competent management team that truly believes in gaming first is best for the gamer.


That's not what you do before selling a company at all.

F***** people online and their bull****.

Really? I have an MBA from one of the finest colleges in America. What are your business credentials?


You should get your money back.


I don't have a degree or anything cause times are tough down here in Alabama.

But what I do have is the ability to attack you ferociously with ridicule, and the argument of, "...There's no educated people on GameFAQS! ...But I'm here!" *Goofey's Ah-yuck!*
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Since when is Laylow so defensive and easily trolled?
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