Wonder why Witcher 3 looks so good? Here's why

#1MrImpatient35Posted 8/19/2014 12:13:56 PM
This is a lengthy video interview talking about the graphics/visuals of The Witcher 3: http://www.dualshockers.com/2014/08/19/the-witcher-3-vfx-artist-unveils-the-technomancy-that-will-make-the-game-look-great-on-all-platforms/

We learn that CD Projekt is working on optimizing the game’s performance thanks to a new tool that scans every asset for redundancies, spurious elements and resource-hogging items, in order to bring the frame rate under control and hopefully get a big boost in performance on all platforms. Tiny little changes can even give improvements of five or six frames per second, while the developers expect an increase of twelve or more FPS after all is said and done.

According to Teixeira, thanks to all the optimization, even PCs with mid-range graphics cards like a GTX 660 will be able to get very good visual results, while consoles will require some small sacrifices that won’t make a huge visual impact, but will allow a large performance gain.

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It probably doesn't hurt that they keep showing off the PC version. It definitely looks great.
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^^ yup