is there some confusion about if Tomb Raider is an exclusive?

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Timed exclusivity.

Nobody knows which platforms it will go to after the time is up, though, which is where the confusion lies.

how long time?

17 hours
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Ms paid to have se release tomb raider first on Xbox to try to counter uncharted, basically the a ratedvs brated version of the same game to be exclusive during the same window, albeit months later PlayStation will have both while Xbox only has tomb raider.

I'd take uncharted any day of the week
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It's exclusive to XB1 and 360 for Holiday 2015, expect to see it on PS3, PS4 and PC in January 2016.
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So are you guys saying those nice Sony fans are lying when they say it's definitely coming to PS4 in early 2016? I don't believe you!

Amazing that in the entirety of this thread the only person to bring up the PS4 is a Microsoft fanboy.

You saying it isn't coming the the PS4 makes you just as full of crap as they are.

This exclusive has angered some people I see. So we can or can't talk about the PS4? I can't keep up. I guess the wounds are still too fresh.
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