Xbox One= Casual, PS4= Hardcore, Wii U= Family

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Whenever your making wide sweeping generalizations about a huge group of people that's how you know your logic is flawed.
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Smackpwn posted...
all consoles are casual, PC is hardcore

I wouldn't call any platform purely "hardcore" anymore. I favor the PC for the most part, but it has loads of assorted casual titles thanks to the ease of digital marketing. If we're solely talking about the big-name games, maybe.
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It's play what you want.
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Nah tc its

X1 casual
Ps4 hardcore
WIIu cancer
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No love for the OUYA?
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Console peasants...
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this topic= bad
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Not even slightly. The X1 and PS4 are both hardcore while the Wii U is more casual/family oriented. I don't understand how you think the X1 is casual and the PS4 is hardcore when most of their games are on both systems
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Xbox One= gamers, PS4= gamers, Wii U= gamers.

Get over this fanboy BS already.