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User Info: vicreve

2 years ago#1
I can't play diablo 3 and talk in party with out having the party snapped. Does anyone know how to fix this
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User Info: outcast1398

2 years ago#2
Wish I could help, sounds like a problem the Destiny beta had. Does it help if the party gets connected at the dashboard before starting the game? Take a look at the Destiny board, but I think that was the solution to that problem.

I just wish our party of 3 in any game would stay connected. We all have open NAT but MS doesn't seem to think there are any problems since TF came out.

User Info: squarex8264

2 years ago#3
Sounds like a bug with the game if you need it snapped to hear chat.

Have everyone in your party quit the game, start the party from the dashboard, then start Diablo 3 and see if that works around it.
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User Info: crynryan

2 years ago#4
You could also use Skype.
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