Resident evil revelations 2 leak

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Excited or nah? I kinda am just to see if they can redeem themselves.

I like Resident Evil, but lately I've been replaying RE6 with my girlfriend, and the developers' attempt at "split-screen" co-op is one of the worst things I've ever seen. Makes me not even want to play Resident Evil anymore.

Look how bad it is:

Makes my 40+ inch tv look like a tablet...

If RE:R2 features co-op and this issue is not fixed, I won't be buying it. Otherwise, yes, I'm excited.

They kept the aspect ratios the same, which in order to do that means shrinking the viewports. It's either that or you get a stretched image.

Or they could be like every other game in history and just work past that to not completely ruin the split-screen mode...
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#The Evil Within.
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#The Evil Within.

I'm getting that for sure. Like, day one purchase.
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Rev2 was already leaked months before E3
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Yea somebody leaked the cover for Resident Evil 7 which was suppose to be revealed this year and didn't happen. I don't believe leaks from people anymore, Ill believe this is happening the day capcom announce it.

Also Revelations was utterly boring, had some of the most bland enemies and worst characters in the series and the game didn't add a single thing to the overall lore of the series.

People like this is the reason we have resident evil 4,5, and 6.
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SignalMyMiseryy posted...

Excited or nah? I kinda am just to see if they can redeem themselves.

Very excited. Resident Evil: Revelations remains one of the finest titles available for Nintendo 3DS, it really shows off what Nintendo's revolutionary 3D handheld is capable of graphically. The game was the best Resident Evil since Resident Evil 4, returning to the classic survival horror gameplay. It's long overdue a sequel. I hope Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will be on as many platforms as possible, including Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
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I found Revelations to be quite boring and the boss fights frustrating because of little strategy. The graphics were also quite terrible as it was just retextured from the portable version. Overall, definitely not their finest moment.
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I thought it was great

The campaign was lacking in places and it needed more enemy variety and some areas were just awful(terrgrigia or whatever it's called) but for a 3 ds port it was great

Raid mode was incredibly deep also and blows mercenaries away

They could do a lot with RER 2

Bit lame it's coming for last gen but capcom aren't in great shape at the minute so understandable!
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I liked Revelations. It's only faults was that it sometimes was very obvious that it was a remaster of a Nintendo 3DS-game. This doesn't seem to have anything to do with any Nintendo platform so I see a lot of potential for it.
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liquidblue4 posted...
Rev2 was already leaked months before E3

yep, but now has more less confirmed it with this, i forgot where the other leak was from.

anyway i hope capcom stops the bs an reveals this revelation no later than tgs.
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