first time Diablo player. having the time of my life!

#21SmokeMassTreePosted 8/20/2014 10:07:36 AM
carljenk posted...
playing alone on my first playthrough on the highest difficulty. that I can pick on your first playthrough. taking my time exploring, reading the entry logs, looking for rare loot, Doing side quest, talking to NPCs just having a blast

I remember PC gamers just not liking the game as much. They must have really fix the game because so far it's one of the better games this year

I'm not a PC player and I hear these hack and slash type of RPGs comes out like every couple of weeks so it really shows what I'm missing.. would love more of these types of games on consoles.

and I hear there's far better ones on PC and that just blows my mind because this game is already awesome

Wait. You can start on a higher difficulty in this version? That was one of the biggest things I hated from the PC version.

You don't have to play the 5 acts multiple times, just once.
A.K. 2/14/10 T.C.P.