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User Info: oJoRdAn23o

2 years ago#21
I'd buy one, most likely used though. I feel like once you use Kinect frequently, it would be a pain to use the One without it. I mostly just use it for voice commands, but it makes the overall experience so much smoother.
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User Info: Mr_Starch

2 years ago#22
Dinglesteed posted...
Yes, $100.

Charity_Diary posted...
Yes, $100

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User Info: Gietzy

2 years ago#23
No. I don't even have mine connected. It's in the box in my cupboard.
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User Info: lunaticcore

2 years ago#24
I would buy another one.

I use it a ton. I would be annoyed if I had to buy another one, but would replace it anyways.
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