Xbox One has now sold 5 million units !

#51Rainy_David1Posted 8/22/2014 5:25:18 AM
Evel138 posted...
I know this: these forums are full of CEOs, Lawyers, analysts, economists, etc etc. However the VAST majority here are early 20-somethings that simply haven't had any time out in the real world. They've never owned a business or run a company and know jack **** about international trade.

You know why the older generation mock the young? It's not because we're "out of touch", as most young people believe, it's because....well.....let me put it to you in terms in which you might understand. Think of a toddler. All the cute antics they put on display.....well, it's that same wonderful naivety we see in those 20 something that harbor the delusion they got the world all figured out. It's basically the same difference, though far less cute.

Does computer time at the nursing home come before or after the 4:00 pm dinner?