Eurogamer: Microsoft testing 24-hour free game unlocks for Xbox One

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I am pretty positive that eastofeastside is joking. =P
Phil Spencer is tying someone down to train tracks right now as you read this.
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Stabs2503 posted...
^ fanboy at its finest. It's people like you ruining gaming not Microsoft.

Stabs2503 posted...
^ fanboy at its finest. It's people like you ruining gaming not Microsoft.

Seriously. I love the whole MS is ruining gaming idiocy.

Meanwhile Devs don't want to release any info on games in development and a majority hate gamers with a white hot flame because they are the most delusional, entitled, childish fanbase that exists.

But na...It's Microsoft!!!! Idiots.
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cheezedadada posted...
I am pretty positive that eastofeastside is joking. =P

That's what I thought too. Sometimes you can't tell.
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cheezedadada posted...
I am pretty positive that eastofeastside is joking. =P

No! Feel my PlayStation edge, baby!
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eastofeastside posted...
chris0009 posted...
Sometimes trolls cant seperate bad news from the good.

24 hour rental on xbox 1 is free

4 hour rental on ps4 is 5$

so 30$ for 24 hour rentals on ps4 for PASTGEN games vs free 24 hour rentals on x1 for CURRENTGEN games

You can also rent 4 current gen games for 5$ for a month with ea access. I feel bad for the sony people living in denile and such. Ms learned how to do drm quick, sony doesnt have the software to even compete with those prices. Its ironic how people bashed ms for drm yet sony is the real criminal when it comes to drm.

Your not seeing the big picture. M$ is trying to undermine Sony's game business model so they can sell Xbox One to casuals who will use Cortana to turn on their living room lights and star their fire place.

Have fun seeing gaming die.

M$ is not about games, don't fall for Phil's tasty PR Kool-Aid he's still calling from Don Mattrick's playbook.

My goodness, so much spinning here I feel like I am watching FOX News! The irony if that statement is that it s the self proclaimed hardcore gamer that would see the death of gaming just to preserve their elitism and self entitled claim to deserving what they can't even quantify but often proclaim as their "Hardcore" gaming experience!

News flash: hardcore gamers don't nor have not dictated the market for the past four generations and it wasn't Microsoft that brought about that climate change but rather Sony, which is also ironic given it's defenders claims otherwise. I'm old enough to have lived through every generation of gaming and actually remember each of their trends. Play station was THE brand that bridged that gap between gaming being consider a closet thing to becoming a hobby that casuals started to indulge in. Let's cut this nonsense about this or that system being for casuals. They are ALL trying to capture that market in different ways, and you would be delusional to think otherwise. Implying one is wrong is wrong for doing it while giving a pass to other is bias, not criticism. You do well to learn the difference.

Secondly, to imply that MS is "undermining" Sony suggests that they [Sony] are some how the apparent authority, which is not the case for any of the big three. This is business, not geoeconomics or politics. It's called "competition". The other poster is correct in that you don't see the big picture; you seem blinded by fandom.

Edit: saw you were joking... Disregard, LOL!
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But what about games you can beat in under 24 hours? :v Anyone who downloaded Ryse would have it beat before the trial period was over.
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I love these topics! Then again I'm not afraid of factual information provided so I can make informed purchase decisions. Thanks TC!

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lunaticcore posted...
kyncani posted...
So basically you can now demo all games ?

Great :)

Not sure that is what this is.

It looks more like a single day special free play of specific games.

Specific games ? Oh well, it's free anyway so :)