Evolve Ecstatically Excited!

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Yes! Team games where people actually work together makes gaming so much more enjoyable! That's why I can't wait for Rainbow Six Siege; and hopefully a Splinter Cell will come along at some pint also.

I'm going to add you mrpic, always awesome to have online friends that work together instead of just playing the "Rambo, do it all own their own style".
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Personally I think Evolve looks great, the game looks to have the potential to be a lot of fun provided you are playing with players who know what they are doing.
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kennyynnoo posted...
Yeah I can't get into the creature thing, they basically just upgraded graphics and used the 1 person is a zombie mode from l4d2 and it's not overly exciting since the world isn't really interactive, you just run around trying to kill 1 player and they try to kill you. I can't get excited from this, it seems bland. But different strokes for different folks.

Heck yeah, bro!

But let's squirt each other with Orange Soda guns and slide on rails in...

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