XBox One, 10 million units sold!

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2 years ago#1
So China just bought 5 million XB1s bringing the total sold to around 10 million. Just sayin'.
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2 years ago#2
Getting out of here before the tro....
2 years ago#3
It sure here.

*hay ball passes by*

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2 years ago#4
So basically :

- PS4 will rule in USA and Europe
- Wii U will rule in Japan
- Xbox One will rule in China

Should be interesting :)
2 years ago#5
They haven't sold the units. The Chinese government has allowed them to put 5 million units on sale when the console launches in the country.
2 years ago#6
The article reads that it will allow the sales of 5 million into its country. Nowhere does it says that retailers bought 5 mil or consumers did. The console is not out yet nor do I expect it to do well over there costing 600 US dollars when most people are particularly poor. It's a communism country.
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2 years ago#8
Approved to sell up to 5m units isn't the same as shipping 5m units, which in turn wouldn't even be on a par will selling through 5m to actual consumers.

So, in other words, while MS has still only shipped 5m, Sony has sold through around 11m by now. That gap is widening every single week that goes by now.

It's gonna be fascinating to see the ripples of this. I wonder how wide the gulf will get before devs start pushing the PS4 to the best multiplat performance, and visibly, evidently doing nothing but sloppy quick ports to the Xbox One, with busted textures, missing effects, lower res, etc, because you know that's coming.
2 years ago#9
I already bought one. That's the only sale that matters in my world.
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2 years ago#10
5 million consumers have to buy the consoles before it reaches '10 million sales'. They've just allowed the console to be sold within their borders if i'm understanding this right.
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